Penny Ante Questions - Volume IV

Buy it once and use it for a lifetime

Penny Ante Question Cards includes:

Instruction guide for using this resource
24 Question Cards
Includes questions, such as: Take a penny if you have ever had milk delivered to your home, Give a penny if you have ever eaten sunflower seeds, Take a penny if you have ever been to a drive-in movie
Below are a few ways Penny Ante Questions can be used:

Individually – One to One – Visitor Packet
Memory Recollection
Ice Breakers
Whole/Small Groups
During Transition Periods – Car Rides, Office Visits, Before meals/Next activity
Penny Ante helps to strengthen and maintain skills for speaking, listening, reminiscing, critical thinking, communication, storytelling, and imagination. Each card contains large print so that the words are easy to read. Just print on card stock, cut, and laminate to start the fun. You may use a tablet or computer, if printing is not an option to display each card.

Depending upon how many people are playing the game, everyone will receive at least 10 pennies (or poker chips) and at least 25 pennies (or poker chips) are placed in the middle or the “pot”. One person or each participant can take turns reading what is on each card.

Each card allows the participant to express their thoughts and opinions when reminiscing or engaging in meaningful conversations. Extend this activity by having brief conversations about the topic presented on each card. For example, if someone has traveled to a different country before, you would then ask: Where did you go? When? Who did you go with? Why did you go? (Leisure, Work) How did you get there? (Boat, Plane, Train); also known as the 5 W’s, Who What, When, Where, Why and How.

This activity can be completed by individuals with progressing dementia using some scaffolding and support to the best of their ability.

Buy it once and use it for a lifetime.

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