Irish Inventors - Posters

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Here are a few ways these Irish Inventors - Posters can be used:

Bulletin Board Display
Intergenerational Activity
Cultural/Heritage Celebration
You can use them throughout the year, St. Patrick’s Day, St. Stephen’s Day (December 26), Inventor’s Day (November 9), etc.

These posters are simple to use. Just print, laminate, and post.You can print out a short paragraph of information about the inventor and the invention. You can also bring in experts from the community for more information or display a modern version of the invention and let the conversations expand from questions and curiosity.

Use the Activity Suggestion Guide included in this resource help you plan activities around each inventor/invention and assist in stimulating conversations. There are 7 unique posters included.

Please Note: Color will vary based on ink and printer quality.

Buy it once and use it for a lifetime.

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