Name 10

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Compare to the popular game "Scattergories" or "Category Cards"

Use as a Question or Brain Teaser of the day on the daily schedule of activities handout or on a display board.

Name 10 includes:

Instruction guide for using this resource
Set of 24 cards
Each Card Measures 3.75in/height x 5in/width
Below are a few ways Name 10 can be used:

Individually – One to One – Visitor Packet
Memory Recollection – Word Association
Ice Breaker
Whole Groups
Small Groups
Intergenerational Programming
Open House/Family Night
Banquets/Appreciation Dinners
Set up is simple. Just print, cut, laminate, and play. Participants must choose one card and name as many words as possible using a word limit (example: 10 words).

There are many ways to play this game. You can post one card on the main bulletin board and allow anyone to add a word to an ongoing list. As a weekend/evening activity, participants must turn in a sheet of paper with (x) words for a prize.

In small groups, participants will need to work with a team (family members, other residents, etc.) to come up with a list of words.

The possibilities are endless. For best results, laminate the cards before use. Hole punch one corner and bind the cards together with a binder ring or ribbon.

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