Farewell Cards

Buy it once and use it for a lifetime

Farewell Cards includes:

Instruction guide for using this resource
Set of 10 unique designs and 2 different formats
Each sheet comes with a set of 4 or 2 cards per page
Some gender neutral cards
Below are a few ways Farewell Cards can be used:

Discharged Patients
Residents Who Have Passed
Surviving Family/Friends
Staff/Administration Who Have Been Promoted/Leaving
Special Guests to the Building
Farewell Cards give you a simple, thoughtful way to say farewell to residents, patients, family, friends, staff, administration, special guests, etc. Having the ability to print as many cards as you need at the tip of your fingertips will not only save you time, but digital files last a lifetime, so you will have them forever.

There are 10 unique designs and each design comes in 2 different formats. There is a design for everyone, having a variety of Farewell Cards allows you to say your parting words in a meaningful way. Great way to memorialize those who have passed away or able to head home.

The first format includes 4 cards per page, this allows you to have the ability to print many cards at one time. Each card is blank so that you can write your special message for your unique occasion. The second format includes 2 cards per page and allows the versatility of being able to fold the card and write a message inside.

Each card contains large print so that the words are easy to read. Just print on card stock, cut, and write in your message. It is really that simple.

Buy it once and use it for a lifetime.

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