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What a wonderful way to welcome someone home with these “Welcome Home Signs”. Welcome Home Signs can be used to welcome new residents, patients, staff, or any other person you would like to “Welcome Home”. Here are a few examples “Welcome Home Signs” can be used:

Introduction activity
Ice Breakers
Team Building
Intergenerational activity
Family/Friend activity
For visitors to recognize their loved ones new home

Print out the sheet that says “Welcome Home” and the sheet that says “Sold” you will need to use one sign per person. You can laminate the signs, print them on cardstock, or both in order to make sure that they last longer and are more durable.

Next, using blank white paper, cut strips that measure 1½ inches wide, glue/staple/tape two corners together, making sure that they overlap (see photo).

Write the name in the white space below the words “Welcome Home”. Using paperclips, make two small holes at the top of the “Welcome Home” sign and two small holes in the strip of paper that will go across the top of the sign. Hook in the paperclips and hang the sign where you would like it displayed.

Please Note: the color of the sign will vary due to the quality of printers and ink used.

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