Superlative Awards

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Below are a few ways Superlative Awards/Certificates can be used:

Activity Professionals Week – January
Nursing Home Week - May
Therapeutic Recreation Week – July
Assisted Living Week – September
Volunteer/Resident/Employee Appreciation Banquets
Award someone for being who they are
Intergenerational Programming

Superlative Awards/Certificates includes:

Instruction guide for using this resource
Quick Click Through Sheet - Easy to Find Awards
Set of 100 Awards
Superlative Award Planning Sheet
Superlative Award Planning Sheet - Blank
Superlative Award Voting Ballot (20 Blanks)
(2) Superlative Award Voting Ballot (10 Blanks)

Offering personalized awards not only gives incentive but also raises morale amongst staff and residents. Since there are 100 awards included in this power pack, there are enough awards that every person should be able to receive at least one. There are even awards for the most challenging individuals. When an award is given, it not only touches that person, but it may mean a lot to the family as well.

Set up is simple. Just print, fill in the name of the person who will be presented with the award, the name of the presenter, and the date.

Optional: Write a personal note on the back and laminate each award so that they last longer.

You can choose the awards for each individual using the planning sheet or you can let their peers nominate each individual using the voting ballot. Everyone is sure to enjoy this inexpensive but meaningful gesture.

Buy it once and use it for a lifetime.

Below are the award titles included in this product package

Always Dependable
Amazing Adventurer
Amazingly Artistic
Aspiring Author
Attention to Detail
Awesome Attitude
Best Bingo Caller
Best Couple
Best Impersonation
Best Karaoke
Best Smile
Best Whistler
Born the Farthest Away
Busy Bee
Clever Crafter
Curious Cat
Daring Dancer
Drinks the Most Coffee
Drinks the Most Soda
Energizer Bunny
Fastest Wheelchair
Friendliest Neighbor

Good Friend
Greatest Gardener
Healthy Habits
Hearty Hugger
Helping Hands
History Buff
Lived Here the Longest
Lovely Listener
Morning Person
Most Active
Most Attentive
Most Caring
Most Compatible Roommates
Most Considerate
Most Cooperative
Most Creative
Most Funniest
Most Hardworking
Most Likely to Attend Activities
Most Likely to Get the Giggles
Most Likely to Not Eat Their Vegetables
Most Likely to Pop a Wheelie
Most Nicest

Most Optimistic
Most Patriotic
Most Polite
Most Punctual
Most Responsible
Most Spirited
Most Sporty
Most Talented
Most Unique
Most Volunteer Hours
Musical Master
Never a Dull Moment
Newest Resident
Night Owl
Number Ninja
Oldest Resident
Outstanding Organizer
Passionate Poet
People Person
Perfect Attendance
Prettiest Hat

Prettiest Room
Pro Puzzler
Problem Solver
Resident of the Month
Resident of the Year
Sensational Sense of Humor
Simply Sweet
Snazziest Dresser
Spectacular Speaker
Spirit Lifter
Stellar Story Teller
Super Speller
Superb Sportsmanship
Task Master
Technology Expert
Team Leader
Team Player
Squeaky Clean
Volunteer of the Month
Volunteer of the Year
Wii Whiz
Wise & Witty
World Traveler
Youngest Resident

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