Random Animal Cards

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Below are a few ways Random Animal Cards can be used:

Individually – One to One – Visitor Packet
Memory Recollection – Word Association
Writing Prompts
Whole Groups
Small Groups

Random Animal Cards includes:

Instruction guide for using this resource
Set of 24 cards
3 Activity Extensions and 1 Cover card
Answer Sheet
Each Card Measures 3.75in/height x 5in/width

Set up is simple. Just print, cut, laminate, and play. Participants either name or spell each random animal. To add more challenge, have participants create a sentence or tell a story about the random animal.

You can also have two people play at once, have one person give clues and the other person has to guess what the animal is. The answer sheet for all cards is included at the end of the resource, as well as, the recording sheet for answers.

Use the Cover Card to easily identify each deck of cards. For best results, laminate the cards before use. Hole punch one corner and bind the cards together with a binder ring or ribbon. You can store the cards in an index card holder.

This activity can be modified to be used with participants who may have a mild/moderate form of dementia or who may be cognitively impaired.

Buy it once and use it for a lifetime.

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