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Armchair Travel, Wyoming, Sensory Stimulation

Travel Tips

This resource was created to provide a wealth of knowledge related to a common travel theme. Feel free to add or take out any activities you feel do not fit your travelers needs or interests.

Before starting your Armchair Travel activity, you want to make sure that you have gathered all necessary resources so that you are well prepared in advance. You will need a way to display videos and photos to your travel group (Smart Board, projector, etc.). Books and many movies can be obtained from your local library. Feel free to add intergenerational resources to your travel event to offer the chance for generations to share in the fun. There are videos available on YouTube to use with your travel theme.

You will want to go ahead and send out invitations. A hand-written invitation could make the difference in the decision to become your travel guest. Include special instructions in the “Notes” section.

Decorate your bulletin board to follow the travel theme – Be creative and use real items to add a 3D effect to your board, such as: a horseshoe, rope, matches, a recipe on how to make s’mores, etc.

Use an oversized map or globe to pinpoint where you and your travelers will travel to. This serves as a visual of all the places you have visited in the past or plan to visit during your Travel session(s).


How to Use This Resource
Travel Guide for the Facilitator
Custom-Made Invitations
Blank Passport Template
Passport Stamps

When to Celebrate:

March 1 - Yellowstone became first National Park
June is National Camping Month
July 10 Wyoming entered the Union
November is National Native American Heritage Month
November 2 is National Bison (Buffalo) Day

Activity/Travel Subjects Include:

Resource Topic & Title Suggestions
Wyoming History & Facts
Music & Movement
Cognitive Thinking
Sensory Stimulation
Theme Party - Camping in Yellowstone Park

Buy it once and use it for a lifetime.

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