Sensory Stories for Adults

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Sensory Story Topics Include: Beach, Circus, Farming, Baseball Game, and Camping

Sensory Stimulation appeals to all five senses: sight, sound, touch, taste, and smell and can play an important role in creating and sustaining Cognitive skills.

Below are some different ways Sensory Stories can be used:

During Sensory Stimulation Sessions
Large and Small Group Activities
Independent Activities
Station Ideas
For those who come to visit friends and loved ones

To complete this activity, print each page with a photo and laminate it. This page will be used to show participants while you are telling the story. You can choose to print only one page or print enough pages so that everyone can have their own copy while you read. Next, print the sensory story guide for each story you plan to read. The guide includes: the story text, the action you should perform for each sentence in the story and a “Supplies Needed” column so that you can gather all needed material beforehand in preparation for telling the story.

Extend this activity by asking follow up questions either during or after you have read the story. For example, you would ask “Who has visited the beach before?”, “What was your favorite part about the beach?”, “What are some cool drinks you can think of that would be perfect for hot weather?”, “What kind of plants/animals might you see in the ocean or on the beach?”, “Have you ever built a sandcastle?”.

Buy it once and use it for a lifetime.

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