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This resource was created to add organization and save time when planning activities, whether you are interning, starting in your first year, or rounding out your 20th year. This product can also be used to create a guide for the person left in charge while you are on leave for a pregnancy, surgery, family emergency, etc. Each form in this resource is editable and can be viewed in Microsoft PowerPoint 2003 or newer so that you can make each form customized to your specific needs.

You can choose to create one binder that holds everything that you need and insert dividers/cover pages, if needed, or you can choose to create several different binders for your needs. Buy it once and use it for a lifetime.

Don't like Polka Dots? Request a different cover design here.

Editable Activity Planning Binder (Polka Dot) includes:

How to use this resource guide - Easy instructions on fully using this product
Calendar layouts for the complete year of 2018 (January - December)
64 Editable Binder Covers + 1 Editable Binder Cover in each color
64 different Editable Binder Spines + 1 Editable Binder Spine in each color
Binder Spines include 5 different sizes for your needs (1 inch, 1.5 inch, 2 inch, 2.5 inch, 3 inch)
The design includes a Burlap background with Bright colored Polka Dots
45+ different forms and note templates
This resource can be used in a binder or spiral bound together for a sleek, professional look when attending meetings or taking notes

Binder Covers/Dividers/Spines include all months (January - December), the titles below, plus many more!:

Activity Binder

Activity Plans




Bulletin Board


Care Plans




Emergency Procedures



Evening/Weekend Activities

Family Council Meetings


Individualized Treatment Plans



Job Descriptions & Duties

Logins & Passwords

Below is a sample of the 45+ forms included in this resource:

Activity Plans

Allergy/Medical Form

Anecdotal Notes

Attendance Notes

Birthday Tracker

Calendar Evaluation Form

Daily Schedule

Volunteer Hour Tracking Sheet

Daily To Do List

Emergency Procedures

Family Communication Log

Family Concern Form

Resident Council Concern Form

Independent Activities

Outing Sign Up Sheet

Week Peek

Login Information

Meeting Notes

Calendars - 2 page layout

Monthly Expense Trackers

One to One - Visit Log

Shopping List Request

Weekly To Do's

Year at a Glance

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