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Volunteers includes:

The 4 types of Volunteers you should be looking for
Why you should create job descriptions for each volunteer position
Recruiting, Interviewing, Accepting, Managing, and Appreciating Volunteers
Included Forms - Sample Volunteer Job Descriptions (General/Resident), Volunteer Interest Survey, Sample Volunteer Interview Questions, Volunteer Hours Tracking Sheet, Volunteer Exit Interview Sheet, Pieces of Me Puzzle (Getting to know the volunteer)

Volunteers are viewed as the lifeblood of many organizations, large and small. Whether, it is due to being short staffed or the need to add variety to the monthly calendar, volunteers are important. Volunteers can be recruited from the surrounding community, resident family members, and residents can be volunteers too.

Volunteers can be used to fulfill your facility needs while utilizing their skills or interests. For example, singing, reading, walking, playing games, but they can also be used to host complete activities such as, an art class, poetry club, or current events. Volunteers must be recruited and having a system will ensure you always have them.

You must decide what type of volunteers you are looking for, what you would like for volunteers to do, how you will recruit, what your interview process will be, what your acceptance procedures are, how you will manage volunteers, and how you will show your volunteers that they are truly appreciated; these are all very important questions you will need to ask yourself when assembling and managing your volunteer program.

Many volunteer positions can be adapted to be used with individuals who have a mild to moderate form of dementia, as well as, those who may be deaf, blind, or mute.

Buy it once and use it for a lifetime.

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