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Proverbs includes:

Instruction guide on how to use Proverbs
How to use the Proverbs as a group or individual activity
52 Proverbs with colorful backgrounds
4 Fill in the Blank Proverb Worksheets
Includes topics on: Life Lessons, Friendship, Happiness, Love, etc.

Proverbs helps to strengthen and maintain skills for speaking, listening, inferring, critical thinking, communication, descriptive language, storytelling, vocabulary and imagination. Each familiar proverb consists of a lifetime of lessons expressed in a few words.

You may choose to display each proverb on a designated day of the week on a projector or from a computer/tablet for a better view. If you project the Proverb onto a board, you would be able to focus on specific words within the Proverb as tangible evidence of an idea or interpretation. As a whole group you may choose to have an open discussion about each Proverb.

You can also give out the worksheets to allow for small group or independent work and discuss as a group afterwards. There are no right or wrong answers so that the participant can express what they believe the complete proverb should be, while using their background knowledge and vocabulary. This makes for a fun activity.

This activity can be completed by individuals with progressing dementia using some scaffolding and support specific to their ability.

Buy it once and use it for a lifetime.

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