Wii Policies & Procedures

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Wii Policies and Procedures includes:

The benefits of having a Wii; physical and emotional exercise, socialization factors, and bridging the generation gap
How to find out the interest level for a Wii
Includes a Wii Interest Survey Form
How to choose a test group
Test group personal invitation
How to incorporate the Wii into different activities
Includes a Wii event flyer
How having a Wii can increase your marketing efforts

Hand-eye coordination, balance (decrease in fall risk), physical (hands, feet, dexterity, facial expressions) and emotional (joy, excitement, happiness) exercise as well as creating a social environment (clubs, championships) while bridging the generation gap (local schools, surrounding community) are a few of the many benefits playing Wii offers this population. The console is interactive, which means that it responds to the motions of your fingers, hands, wrist, and body while playing and creates the feeling as if you are actually playing the game in real life. For all of the baseball players, bowlers, athletes, and hobbyist of yesteryear this interactive feature is gold and helps to remind them of the good times they had in the past.

The best games for seniors are still the Wii sports, which include: bowling, baseball, tennis, boxing, and golf. While some play to win, many just want to have a good time.

Many activities can be adapted to be used with individuals who have a mild to moderate form of dementia, as well as, those who may be deaf, blind, or mute.

Buy it once and use it for a lifetime.

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